Grab my Resi    

Jill Sabato is a multidisciplinary designer, creative thinker, lover of technology, photography, type, and a POP of color. She is currently the Creative Director of Marketing at BRIDES where she gets to dabble in everything from photo and video production to presentations. Her mantra: Good design looks effortless.

After her education at The School of Visual Arts and studying with her mentor, Paula Scher, she was enough to work for amazing titles such as Seventeen, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Travel + Leisure. Since, she has been an active member of the AIGA and mentors high school art students in her free time.

A true Jersey girl born and raised, she currently resides in downtown Jersey City with her dog Jezebel. If she isn’t designing you can catch her on an airplane, discovering the “next big trend”, working on her fitness, or at home entertaining friends.

When she grows up she hopes to keep her plants alive for more than 1 week, master the perfect selfie, cover everything in stripes and neon, and get her blog up and running.


Favorite Travel Snack: Chex Mix / Most Watched Movie: Welcome to the Dollhouse / Celebrity Crush: Jason Bateman / Guilty Pleasures: Nail Art + Target / Non-design Obsession: ATK / Childhood Heros: Princess Diana + Madonna / Lucky Number: 7 / Spirit Animal: Puma / Most Used Saying: This looks crazy!